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Template-based authoring: from productivity to adaptivity

In recent years XML template-based content production has emerged as the primary solution to producing smart eLearning content that effectively supports multiple delivery channels and devices.

Today’s learning content authoring community is taking it one step further. Instructional designers want to be able to turn learning content into a live and ever-evolving learning ecosystem that can profile users and keep them engaged whilst adapting content to their skills, devices, location and context of use.

Learning content templates are thus becoming more and more responsive in the quest to achieve learning personalization and adaptation to user needs. Templates can provide the ideal learning experience to end users by adapting their output to user needs and profiles in real time.

From productivity to adaptivity

Adopting a template-based authoring approach (see previous blog post) and flexible publishing solutions helps organizations achieve their goals and keep the overall costs of eLearning under control. A careful analysis of an organization’s needs and the adoption of a template-based content production process and toolset is the first step towards ensuring the appropriate level of ROI for a learning organization.

At the same time, this makes the whole learning content production process simpler, easier and more effective. It also significantly improves the organization’s ability to repurpose its own existing catalogue of learning resources with limited effort.

If productivity and cost reduction are key requirements of most organizations involved in learning content production and delivery, the need to produce adaptive learning content is emerging as the real trend. Adaptive learning means effectiveness of the learning process which, in turn, improves competitiveness and time-to-market.

This is what we call learning content adaptivity. eXact learning LCMS 10 can help you achieve the required level of content personalization, providing each learner with the appropriate piece of knowledge – personalized according to her/his specific learning and content needs.

On November 14 we will show how the new eXact learning LCMS version 10, combined with the new library of HTML5 learning object templates, and the innovative run-time processing and rendering engine XPRE, can be used to produce highly responsive multi-channel learning objects able to adapt live to different learner contexts and scenarios of use.

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See our new white paper which highlights the advantages of adopting an object-oriented, XML and template based approach to your instructional design!

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