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Join our demo on Dynamic Publishing next week!

During the past few months we have been talking about market trends, which create needs for providing always more personalized and up-to-date learning content and how Dynamic Publishing can help you to respond to these needs.

Now it is the time to show how it all works in practice, within the new version of our eXact learning LCMS platform.

Join our webinar, on Wednesday 5 December to see:

  • How you can build responsive learning object layouts to serve the needs of your mobile workforce
  • How easy it is to update learning content output on the fly to match learners’ needs and preferences
  • How eXact learning LCMS can be the core of your learning strategy and enable dynamic delivery through multiple channels and devices
  • How you can access your eXact learning courses on Moodle LMS, using your smartphone

We will run two sessions of the same webinar on the same day covering differnt time zones – register for the webinar of your preference!


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